Monday, November 8, 2010

Jackson turned 12. It is crazy how time has gotten away from me. He loves reading, science, playing football and is getting better everyday in his efforts to learn the cello. He helps me so much and takes on a lot of responsibility. He is such a good example to Orion and Wynne and we are so lucky to have him a part of our family!

Love you Buddy!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm pretty sure most of you had given up on me posting again since my last post was clear back in March so SURPRISE!

I took some pictures when I was at my moms house, I love them and had such a great time taking them. My kids however were a little less enthused with the experience and couldn't wait to get back to spending time with their grandparents and cousins.

Harvest Break at the Farmstead

Jared and I watching the Pig Races

In the Maize

It was Shad's Birthday and Jefferson got us a killer deal
Jackson realizing he is a bit too big for the cow train

Our Summer Activities

Patterson Family Reunion Beaver Dick Park

ReNae and Jefferson brought the funnest game.




Wynne and Kaits
Shooting Archery

Hailee and Andrew
Jared and Ty
Grandpa and kiddos

Jared was asked to do a black powder gun activity at our stake ym and yw trek. I was luck to be able to go with him. I loved it.

Jared has never found me more attractive, I'm sure.

Playing with my friends

Jenny beat me so bad. She's a strong girl.
I was camp director this year. I had such a great time and hope I get the opportunity to do it again. Loved it.

Jared was so helpful. He really was my assistant camp director.
Jared's twin

Water day
Girls Camp Jr Leaders and Camp Directors

4th of July Parade

Hiking to Lower Palisades

The "Hog Shoot" one of our many archery shoots

Orion turned eight. He asked for a popcorn party so we did everything "POP"
He was also baptized. We are so happy and excited that he has made the choice to become a member of the church.

Easter in Cascade 2010
It was so cold I didn't get a picture of Orion with the Easter Bunny because he was so cold he had to go sit in the car.